Nourish. Flourish. Accomp​lish.


Year 3/4 Progra​m

Starting the Wordsmith journey in year 3 or 4 gives your child the best possible chance of success. The fully comprehensive course covers Maths, English, vocabulary and an introduction to the 21 types of verbal/non verbal reasoning questions. All sessions are fully structured to enhance your child's development in every area. We don't believe in simply training a child to pass the 11 plus - we are completely committed to your child feeling confident in a grammar school setting. All sessions include growth mindset strategies.

Year 5 Program

The year 5 program builds on skills and places emphasis on exam technique and time management. Frequent exam sessions build confidence and continued Maths, English and vocabulary boosters ensure your child is continually growing and developing educationally. All sessions include growth mindset strategies.